Let the day come to a close in a friendly atmosphere!

Our barkeeper, Oktavio Westerman, can serve you freshly made cocktails, quality wines, long drinks and small snacks either at the bar or on the terrace. Smokers not only enjoy our comfortable, cosy smoker´s lounge but will also find a range of cigars there.


1 = Contains colouring, 2 = Contains antioxidants, 2A = Contains preservatives, 3 = Contains sweetener, 4 = Contains a source of phenylalanine, 5A = High caffeine content (32 mg/ 100 ml), 5 = Contains caffeine, 6 = Contains quinine, 7 = Contains taurine, 8 = Sulphurated, 9 = Contains phosphate, A1 = Cereals containing gluten: wheat, A2 = Cereals containing gluten: barley, B = Crustaceans, C = Egg, D = Fish, E = Peanuts, F = Soya, G = Milk or Lactose, H = Nuts, L = Celery, M = Mustard, N = Sesame, O = Sulfites, P = Lupines, R = Molluscs, S = Yeast

A word of welcome from the hotel manager

Lars Lindenberg

Manager and host

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May I bid you a warm welcome to the Lower Saxony, North Sea coast and to the heart of the naval port of Wilhelmshaven!

My aim, and that of my staff, is to ensure your full satisfaction. Our personal hospitality combined with professional service will guarantee you enjoy your stay.

Yours sincerely